At Katz Strategic Ventures (“KSV”), we open doors for our clients and help them take their businesses to new heights.  KSV is a consortium of synergistic Baltimore based businesses assembled to assist local business owners and entrepreneurs achieve their personal and business goals through thoughtful strategic planning and execution.  Through The Alternative Board (“TAB”), business owners gain knowledge and insights from fellow business owners to help them better manage and grow their businesses.  Executive coaching is also offered.  Accelerent uses a highly-advanced business development platform to establish executive level relationships with fellow Baltimore leaders to generate new business for each partner firm.  Lastly, using the well-established Trout Daniel platform and 30 years of commercial real estate experience, KSV is a trusted advisor to its clients and assists them in making informed real estate decisions.

For a confidential appointment, contact Neil A. Katz at (410) 952-9400 or neil@neilakatz.com.

connecting & building baltimore businesses

The Alternative Board

A membership organization of business owner's and CEOs in confidential Board meetings to assist each other in transforming their businesses.  


Neil A. Katz

(410) 952-9400

or neil@neilakatz.com




Create new relationships, cultivate new opportunities, and generate new business with Accelerent's exclusive business development platform.

Trout Daniel & Associates

Commercial real estate advising to help you find your next commercial property.